Monday, February 26, 2007

The Most Beautiful Security Camera

I’ve always been fascinated by the use of camouflage (see Hardy Blechman’s DPM Encyclopaedia sidebar). One question which comes to mind when combining thoughts on security and camouflage (and lets face it, they go hand in hand), architecturally speaking, is it more important to be beautiful or invisible? I ask because I wonder if there’s a responsibility in the hands of the architect to the general public for an honesty of space. That is to say, if one is honest about the intrusion into our private space, can we overcome this through pleasing aesthetic design?


stoic said...

Can it not also be beautiful interruption / visual connection between what is going on?

Why constantly try to hide something when we all know there is some abhorrent need to put them everything?

Doesn't hiding them continue the concept of fear? If they were not fearful why would we want to hide them?

But to contradict my last comment, fear of the camera is what makes them worth it. So does hiding them make it easier to catch crimes, or is the disregard for "camouflage" and the obvious notion of security cause it to be more effective.

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