Monday, August 13, 2007

Improvised Design Photopool

Haha, take that summer, score one for the Blog.

The "Improvised Design Photopool" is up and running.

Please take a look and more importantly please contribute to this fledgling collection of the worlds mostly unrecognized yet universal examples of how design exists at all levels of scope, budget, time and location. The improvised designs of those who build and make out of necessity should act as an inspiration for those who have any interest or connection with the world of design. It’s my hope that with the combination of inspiration through exposure and the background of training in design that new ideas can be fostered from this less than mainstream source.

The link again:

My apologies in advance if you are not a FLICKR member but registration is required to post images and is free and highly worth it for this reason and many others.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Improvised Architecture Photopool - Coming Soon

Fighting back the strong summer urges to give-in to the heat and associated laziness, I have been able to follow through on at least one of my plans. In connection with previous research and the Improvised Architectural Device proposal I’d like to put together a catalogue of Improvised Architecture and Design. Included in the proposal is the concession that “improvised design” exists today in abundance mainly through necessity. In many of these cases these designs offer relief in the form of shelter or other highly functional design. This innovative design is also largely created by those who use it and with little or no training as designers or builders.

It is this bridge between functionality, necessity and design which I find so interesting as well as the unexploited opportunity for the design community to embrace.

In order to inspire and in general to make visible this element of the world around us I will be creating a photopool of images through the FLICKR website which will be open to all to join and contribute to. It is my hope that through a collaborative effort we can expose each other to unique and otherwise unseen examples of design ingenuity which will in turn excite and motivate those who by training can make informed design decisions to apply this concept to other situation of equal necessity and challenge.

The details of the Improvised Design Photopool will be forthcoming in the next week as I prepare the site with some initial content. Please stay tuned for the announcement of its launch and in the meantime please keep your cameras ready and eyes open for that which is improvised, unique and inspiring.