Saturday, February 24, 2007

A larger discussion

For those just joining in, welcome to the discussion. In an effort to expand the conversation (or in this case start one) from the monologue I’ve got going so far I wanted to put up a post that will allow for your general thoughts about the position of architecture in relation to designing from fear and for safety. In addition to my posts on readings I’ll be posing sporadic questions fishing for your input. Currently this discussion (the blog) is based out of New York but this being a worldwide concern some International perspective is always appreciated.

I welcome your thoughts and insights into this topic.


Luis said...

Hi George,

Are you familiar with the work of Bernard Khoury in Beirut? These two projects have their sites in areas picked by the psychology of fear in Lebanon.

The first, a night club, was designed for maximum profit, because they didn't know how long they would be able to keep it open. Also, notice how it is underground, like a bunker.

The second project is a shell elevated in the carcass of a ruin.


Luis Bustamante



g+a said...

Thanks Luis. Fantastic links, thanks for the suggestion. I had heard of Khoury and even seen images of his work before but to be honest he had completely slipped my mind. I wonder if he was at all influenced by Virilio and Lebbeus Woods. I notice the number of "aborted" projects as well. Yet another indication of the dangers still inherent in building in that region and perhaps something to think about as well.

CP said...

Hi George,
NY Times article that you might find useful: Medieval Modern: Design Strikes a Defensive Posture

Check out the MP3's


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