Monday, April 14, 2008

VOLUME Magazine, Issue #15 – Secure Public City Supplement

I know it’s been some time since my last post, believe me, I don’t need to be reminded. In the meantime, as loose proof that I have actually been able to find some time to devote to the Architecture of Fear, pick up a copy of VOLUME magazine, Issue #15. Included with this issue is a special supplement on Kabul and the RSVP event that took place this past October. Take a look at two articles written by yours truly. The first, “Rattling the Gates; A Guide Through Secure Zones in Kabul” chronicles an afternoon’s adventure through the gated secure zones of embassies and taunting men with Kalishnakovs. The second is a small piece, a suggestion really, for a project called “Urban Canvas”, a proposal which calls for the city’s miles and miles of blank walls which divide and alienate the city be subverted by making them a canvas ready to accept and broadcast the inhabitants voices. Take a look.


David said...

"Ther are a few men from whom their contemporaries do not withold admiration, although their greatness rests on attributes and achievements which are completely foreign to the aims and ideals of the multitude."

One of these excetional fellows I call George.

-D.A. Tasman

ashok said...

Delighted to read your blog...Iam an Architect and I worked in Kabul between 2005 & 2006. Everything I read here brought back memories of my stay there.Keep posting more.

You can check my blog archive (2006) to see my days in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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