Thursday, March 29, 2007


Something worth looking at:

Archis Magazine’s RSVP Events;

Part critic, theorist and activist, the RSVP events coordinated by Dutch architecture magazine Archis are an interesting study in the temporary. The program is conceived as a catalyst for architectural ideas and their implementation.

Beginning in 2004, through their website ( ) a place and a time are proposed and the rest is left up to everyone else to “rsvp”. The resulting events are determined by the character of the place and the number of responses. Described as tactical interventions they have completed ten events so far with requests for four more on the boards at the time of this writing.

Events of note as related to this study:
“Paranoia” – Amman/Ramallah – March 2005
“Unbuilt” – Beirut – Spring 2006
“Safety” – Kabul – Summer 2007
“Shelter” – Taichung – Spring 2008


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Very useful piece